Filipe J S Brandão

Architect | Photographer


I am an architect with a degree from the Faculty of Architecture of University of Porto (FAUP), an Erasmus year at the Department of Architecture of the University of Oulu in Finland, and post-graduate work in Digital Architecture from CEAAD (Advanced Studies Course in Digital Architecture), jointly organized by ISCTE and FAUP. I hold a Ph.D. in Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories, speciality of Digital Architecture from Iscte-IUL with the thesis “Open reWall: Survey-to-Production Workflow for Building Renovation”. I won a research grant from Amorim Isolamentos for the development of my post-graduate work: Cork Re-Wall: Computational Methods of Automatic Generation and Digital Fabrication of Cork Partition Walls for Building Renovation”, a merit grant from ISCTE-IUL ISTA, and a PhD research grant 2020.08659.BD from FCT for the development of my Ph.D. research. My main research interests are computational design, digital fabrication, mass customized construction, building renovation, as-is surveys and computational geometry.

I have collaborated with the offices of Alarcão&Cruz, ANC-Arquitectos, and Grupo3 and I have developed several projects as an independent professional since 2007. For two and a half years I was the Site Manager of Sonamet Headquarters in Lobito, Angola and was co-director at JFS Angola. In 2012 I co-founded PARQUR, a collective of architects and urbanists, where I have developed several projects since. I am Invited Assistant Professor at EAAD- University of Minho.

I have been fascinated by photography from an early age, as a process of discovery of realities within and beyond the visible. At the age of 20, I started my journey with a Nikon F2 and since, self-taught and without commitments, I have peeked through several viewfinders. I am particularly fond of architecture and travel photography, but I also appreciate reports and portraits. In 2013 I won the first prize in the – ZEISS USA competition.

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