Moleiro House in Pelisqueira

  • Project Filipe Brandão, Nuno Sanches e Tiago Ramos
  • Client Casa do Moleiro
  • Date 2008-2010

The project responds to the client’s request for the elaboration of a program re-structuring and the rehabilitation/expansion of the two buildings of rural character, in order to complement the capacity of the existing facility for tourism named Casa do Moleiro.

The program was arranged considering the client’s needs, searching to increase the accommodation space, as well as to expand the existing living room, decreasing the kitchen area and incorporating a small extension that would serve as balcony for the living room, improving the relationship with the outside, and afford material storage and a technical area (heating) at a lower level.

In this way, in the upper bound were defined 3 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a distribution/reception hall, a kitchen, a living room and a balcony. On the lower bound remained the existing program (room and playroom) and was incorporated a technical space and a storage area.

Due to technical and functional reasons, the exposed solution attempted to – within budget restrains – utilize the existing “tabique” walls, proposing for the new walls, light structural solutions so as to minimize the loads on the existing wooden floor.

The wall that originally separated the living room and kitchen areas was demolished. This option, apart from technically facilitating the planned roof repair, contributes to a clearer understanding of the space, allowing for new types of spacial appropriation. In terms of materials, the intervention was based on modest solutions, searching to improve the technical conditions of the house (thermal, acoustic and spacial) as well as to take advantage of the existing strengths, such as the memory of the place, attempting to adapt the new and the old to a solution consistent with contemporary dwelling.